Monday, January 30, 2012

Irish Blessings

my new Annie this week is ~ Irish Blessings ~
she has green eyes ~ auburn hair
she is ready to dance wearing tiny black shoes and white baby socks!

This year has been too busy for me
I have only been able to make one
Annie each week instead of my usual two
my "real" job has been overwhelming
~ ~
when I get home at night I am exhausted
just can't sew as much as I would like
dreaming of retirement :)
but can't for another 5 years :(
and so it goes . . .
thanks for visiting everyone
have a wonderful ~ exciting week
be thankful
God bless.

Monday, January 23, 2012

♥ Smile ♥ and a Funky Cat

found this free pattern online to sew a cat or a rabbit ~
the rabbit is a Sweet Softies pattern called "funny bunny"
both can be found on the web site

I labored for over 5 hours to get it where I kinda like it ~
my hubby said he looked cool
as I was ready to throw him in the trash ~
not sure if I will be trying the bunny yet :/

my weekend was relaxing ~
stayed inside all day Saturday and sewed ~
my favorite kind of day and very thankful for it

thank you all again and again for visiting
have a great week
God bless!

Monday, January 16, 2012

♥ Friends ♥ ~ recycled sweater teddy bear

Annie has a little teddy bear friend ~

little bear was made from a recycled brown sweater ~
and very easy to make ~
below is his outline I found online searching for teddy bear pattern ~

Hope you enjoy this little bear.
Wishing all an amazing week!
God bless and thanks for visiting.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!
I didn't know how to start my blog this week hence the happy Monday ~ LOL

Shabby Cherish
this past weekend was a very productive one ~
I did take a vacation day on Friday so it was a 3 day weekend :)
~ finished Cherish plus started an order
and also the planning of a new Annie for Ebay

my last two listings on Ebay were auction style with the option to buy it now
well, one sold to the highest bidder and one as a buy it now
~ so now I do not know how I should list

I need help ~
should I continue to give the buy it now option
(as long as it is a free option)
or go back to bidding only???????
I have always loved the bidding part of Ebay as a seller ~
never knowing how much your Annie will sell for until the end ~
but when I am a buyer I only buy the buy it now items :/

any comments are appreciated
I do not sell my Annies any place else ~
just Ebay and custom orders from friends and this blog

Thanks for helping and visiting ~
God bless and wishing you all a wonderful week.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

♥ Be Mine ♥

♥ Be Mine ♥

Annie has a new style dress ~
long-waisted with an eyelet ruffle

her hair is a new yarn too ~
unfortunately I can no longer buy
the rug yarn that I have been using for hair :(

thank you all for visiting ~
wishing all a blessed and prosperous New Year ~
God bless.