Sunday, March 27, 2011

Raggedy Annie Baby Doll

Finally finished a new round head charmingsbycmh raggedy annie baby doll.
She was hanging naked and bald on my wall for months
with only her face painted and stitched ~just waiting for me
to bring her to life with the perfect fabric, dress and hair style.
Her dress is a blue floral eyelet with a white eyelet underskirt ~ decided to fashion her hair in a pony tail ~ sewed long strands of yarn all around her head
then pulled it back and tied in a pony tail ~
did some needle felting to help hold her pony tail in place.
If you decide to try this ~ it takes a large amount of yarn.
Hope you like her.
Thanks for visiting ~ God bless.

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Blessings Annie

Only had time to finish one new Annie ~ Blessings Annie ~ she will be up on Ebay tonight.

I've been very busy with a few orders and an overbooked social life ~
baby shower, wedding shower, shopping for gifts, 60th Birthday celebrations.....
the list goes on....I am still going to try to get at least one Annie done a week but if I don't post please know I just didn't have time to create any new Annies ~

Thank you all for visiting ~ wishing all a wonderful week ~ God bless.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm in the Garden

Here is a little tip for my sewing friends. My friend bought me a bamboo stiletto to keep fabric from shifting when sewing ends of seams. It also helps to hold ric-rac and ribbon in place when stitching along hems. Well it doesn't take long before the bamboo is splintered from the sewing needle. In place of the bamboo stiletto I tried wooden skewers, about 100 a pack for the fraction of the cost. They do splinter faster but I just throw it away and grab another.
I am still using the pack I bought last summer!

Just finished I'm in the Garden Annie. She wears a sun bonnet and comes with a basket to gather her herbs.
Strawberry Annie has strawberry buttons on her hat, at her waist and on her shoes....she comes with a large strawberry too....oh my!
The rocking horse is my grandson's but I think it is wonderful for my Annies too. :)

Thanks for visiting, wishing all wonderful, peaceful week ahead.
God bless.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Raggedy Design

First I want to thank everyone for their comments on either a blog or Facebook.
Since I don't have time for more exposure I will be quite happy to just blog for now.
Perhaps one day...thank you all again.
Raggedy Mom isn't my new design but I posted her first.
Little Annie sits in her pocket.
This is the new Annie.
She has a larger head, fatter body and felt shoes.
I have already changed her pattern to make her head a little smaller
and her body a little thinner but here is the first version.
My sister-in-law gave me this beautiful vintage apron that her mother-in-law wore.
Annie's dress is off white with lace entirely made from the apron.
She has little capped sleeves, even her hair bow is from the ties of the apron. Thanks for visiting. Wishing all a blessed week.
God bless. Carolyn