Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Christmas Annies

I had a busy weekend with a family reunion on Saturday
it was a wonderful time spent with family
I don't get to see often and
Sunday was spent with cousins walking for pancreatic cancer
the day was spent in memory of my cousin Charlie
it was both a happy and sad day

two new Christmas Annies are ready for Ebay

Annie with Rudolph on a stick with rusty bells, garland and a red nose
O' Holy Night
this Annie comes with her own little 5 inch raggedy angel ~
angel's dress is from a vintage hankie
thank you for visiting
enjoy the week ~ be thankful in everything :)
God bless

Monday, September 19, 2011

Teddy Bears and Annie

This week both Annies have teddy bears and blue eyes ~

Joy Bear is a 2004 TY bear ~ I gave him a red felt vest and hat
Annie's dress has a pretty teddy bear border
Please Santa No Coal Annie
comes with her matching bear ~
she wears a pinafore and white eyelet dress
Hope to finish two Annies for next week ~
but I have to work late one evening this week
I am counting down to retirement even though
it is hopefully 19 months away ~
then I can play in my factory all day!
Have a blessed week everyone ~ God bless

Monday, September 12, 2011

Starting Christmas Annies

Started thinking about Christmas and working on some holiday Annies ~
this is my first for 2011 ~
my mother loved cardinals and I found this wonderful fabric~
for you mom, miss you.
Kindness Blooms is one of my Prairie Annies ~
her hang tag hangs on a little hanger with rusty pins and bells ~
she comes with a little mouse and heart pinkeep
God bless everyone ~
Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

God Bless Our Home

I was only able to finish one Annie this past weekend ~
next weekend doesn't look much better ~
on the bright side Pops and I will have our 2 year old grandson for an over night
~ should be a fun but exhausting weekend ~
Dominic is adorable but all boy
and very stubborn just like his mommy!

Annie will be up on Ebay probably Friday night ~
I love her sampler print dress ~
added a little lamp on a small doily ~
the fabric lamp shade matches her bodice
~ also made a small pillow with "God Bless Our Home"
her little red button is vintage
Thank you all for visiting ~

God bless!