Wednesday, September 7, 2011

God Bless Our Home

I was only able to finish one Annie this past weekend ~
next weekend doesn't look much better ~
on the bright side Pops and I will have our 2 year old grandson for an over night
~ should be a fun but exhausting weekend ~
Dominic is adorable but all boy
and very stubborn just like his mommy!

Annie will be up on Ebay probably Friday night ~
I love her sampler print dress ~
added a little lamp on a small doily ~
the fabric lamp shade matches her bodice
~ also made a small pillow with "God Bless Our Home"
her little red button is vintage
Thank you all for visiting ~

God bless!


  1. molto molto bella ...anche la stampa del vestitino....

  2. It's true, the print on the dress is very cute and red hair so nice.
    I wish you a good weekend... :D Can I ask you...
    Does Dominic like your dolls? It's funny, my girl, she's 9, is not so interested on my work, like my little boy is...
    As you always say...
    God bless!

  3. Sasha,
    I don't let Dominic near my Annies :) Little darling that he is, he just likes to throw things. LOL My daughter, his mom, did not and still does not like to do any kind of sewing!
    Thanks for writing. God bless. Carolyn

  4. Hello...I like me this Annie, its beautifull.
    Kisses for Dominic and I whish you a good weekend.
    Que Dios les bendiga.

  5. Your dolls are beautiful. I have seen them on EBAY and now I know who makes them.

  6. Guauuuuuuu ... is wonderful!
    I love it.
    Greetings from Tenerife with love.