Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer Annie

Two new Annies this week
it was a good weekend!

I love the colors in Annie's dress
my two favorites ~ green and purple :)
 her shoe straps are black satin ribbon

Simplify Annie and her mouse ~
this fabric I just had to buy ~ so cute
and her little mouse with her run away sack

I'm not sure when they will be up on Ebay
if I will post both or only one

Have a wonderful week everyone
thank you all for visiting
God bless!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Love Angel Raggedy Annie

In honor of Mother's Day 

my new Annie is an angel
with white wings and an angel charm 
engraved with "angels watching over me"
her apron is beautiful with applique and embroidery
she will be up on Ebay on Sunday evening

Wishing all a wonderful week
thank you for visiting and God bless.

Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm in the Garden Annie

Well it's back to work after a wonderful spring weekend
this is a very busy week at work for me
working late two nights for two lectures
that is part of my job ~ event planning :-/

but my weekend was wonderful with lots of time to sew :)
finished "I'm in the Garden" Annie
she will be up on Ebay Sunday night

Thank you all for visiting
Wishing you a wonderful week
God bless.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Family Pics + two Annies

hope everyone had a wonderful Easter

my grandson, Dominic, really enjoyed his first egg hunt
he loved the jelly beans
and not too happy if he found money
this Easter was so wonderful
both my husband and daughter work in health care
and they did not have to work!
that hasn't happened in many many years

as you can see my beautiful daughter
is carrying her daughter who I pray is just like her!
Dominic was coming down from a sugar high
(too many jelly beans)
didn't want his picture taken
poor little guy fell asleep on the way home
but he had a great day at Grammys and Pops :)

~ back to Annies ~
two new Annies are done with week

I stitched U S A on three squares, pinked the edges,
coffee stained and hung with rusty pins and bells to twine

Summer Blessings
she comes with Believe bear made from ivory chenille
used cotter pin joints for his limbs
wishing all a wonderful week
thank you all for visiting
God bless!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mom ♥ heart

In honor of Mother's Day

I stitched a "Mom" heart ornie ~
remembering my mom and missing her

this little Annie was listed on Ebay last week ~
her cameo pin belonged to my mother-in-law
she is suffering from Alzheimer's ~
even though she is still with us, we are missing her too
Wishing all a Blessed Easter
thank you for visiting
God bless.