Friday, June 29, 2012

Kindness Blooms

Hubby and I were on vacation this week ~
a fix up the house vacation ~
we are still waiting for our granddaughter to be born :/
was really praying she would come this week when we were off from work
but God has His timing and that is the right timing for all things

Kindness Blooms Annie 
with a hand stitched apron and braids

Blessings Annie
with white cotton trim added to her butterfly print dress 
~ a heart pillow and a tiny stitched butterfly on her hang tag

hopefully I will have two more Annies to post next week ~
then my grandson will be moving into my "factory" for two weeks ~
and his mama and daddy and baby sister
will be staying in our small house

Thanking God for my family ~ they are a blessing from Him.
Thanks for visiting
God bless.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Summery Annies

I love this style dress for the summer
the dress border is pleated
her little bear was adapted from a Gingermelon pattern
her hang tag says "Hugs"

Smell the roses Annie
also comes with a little bear
but it is not hand made
I did add the rose and ribbon around his neck though :/

not sure when they will be up on Ebay
I've been trying to make extra Annies
for when my daughter and her family move in with us for a few weeks
I am pretty sure with my 3 year old grandson
and a new granddaughter
I will not be sewing much!

Thanks for visiting
God bless

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sweet Land of Liberty Annie

my last patriotic Annie for this year ~
on her apron I stitched "Sweet Land of Liberty"
and she holds an ornie of 3 stars 

who doesn't love hydrangea
I just had to buy this fabric and make an Annie
the border of her skirt has a wonderful saying of
 Live~Laugh~Love~Be Thankful

I am really not liking Photobucket with the new editing program
some of my photos look blurred when they are not ~
if anyone knows of a better photo host that has editing
please let me know

two more weeks and we will be blessed with a new grandchild
I can not wait to hold Camila!

Thanks for visiting
God Bless!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Redwork Apron

finally finished this little apron
I was stitching a little each night after work
I love redwork 
even ordered two Christmas stocking patterns
to stitch for my grandchildren
how long this apron took I better get started!

hope you enjoy Redwork Annie!
thanks for visiting
God bless.