Monday, June 11, 2012

Sweet Land of Liberty Annie

my last patriotic Annie for this year ~
on her apron I stitched "Sweet Land of Liberty"
and she holds an ornie of 3 stars 

who doesn't love hydrangea
I just had to buy this fabric and make an Annie
the border of her skirt has a wonderful saying of
 Live~Laugh~Love~Be Thankful

I am really not liking Photobucket with the new editing program
some of my photos look blurred when they are not ~
if anyone knows of a better photo host that has editing
please let me know

two more weeks and we will be blessed with a new grandchild
I can not wait to hold Camila!

Thanks for visiting
God Bless!


  1. Que bellas muñecas .Me encantan las caras con esos ojos super expresivos.

  2. I am enchanted with your Raggedy

  3. Que lindas no me canso de mirarlas.PAZ Y AMOR

  4. Love all your dolls, you always come up with the most unique dolls.
    PicMonkey is an awesome's least for now..and has some really nice removing wrinkles...lose
    weight, add mascara and on and on...check it
    out and so simple to use.

  5. Que fofura!lindas como sempre.