Thursday, August 17, 2017

Painted Annie Doll Eye Tutorial

I was asked to give an eye painting tutorial on my blogthese instructions and pictures are included in my 18 inch and 16 inch Annie doll patterns sold on Etsy


pin two buttons on Annie's face where you want her eyes
with a pencil, lightly trace around the buttons
this helps you make Annie’s eyes the same size

then draw a small triangle for her nose, lightly draw her mouth and eye brows and lashes

using Gesso or white paint, paint the circle of Annie’s eyes first

with green, blue or brown paint, paint Annie’s eyes

with a liner brush, give some white highlights in her eyes
I alternate between white and her eye color to blend the highlights

when Annie’s eyes are dry
use the base of a paint brush dipped in black paint for Annie’s pupil 
and a stylus dipped in white paint for the gleam in her eyes

after all is dry, I hand stitch her nose, eye brows and lashes, and her mouth
use a Micron pen or Faber Castell pen to draw these features

hope this helps
thanks for visiting
God bless

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  1. Oh, thank you so much, Carolyn! You've made it look easy. Now if only I can control the tremors in my hands! :(