Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mascara Boy

Just had to post this pic of my grandson.
He watches his mommy way too much and tried on her mascara. LOL
They are coming for dinner today and I can't wait to hug and kiss him!
This little Annie was a special order,
but I do love her long pig tails...
will have to make an Annie for Ebay with those pig tails!
I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby.
I don't get there often because it is not near my home, but I do love that store!
Cherish has a new wool I just found for her hair.
It is a wool roving found at Joann's.
She is wearing a little teddy bear pin.
Just had a wonderful weekend ~
My husband has the weekend off ~
Friday night had fun with friends ~
Saturday loved sewing Annies ~
today dinner with family.
God is so good.
Wishing all a blessed week.
God bless.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

To Blog or use Facebook???

I have a question for all my blogger friends out there.
I can't decide if I should continue to blog or to open a charmingsbycmh page on Facebook.
I would love to know your thoughts on this. Please let me know.
Now for my two new Annies....this little sweetheart if a Mother's Day Annie.
Her blue dress is gorgeous with some trim and a piece of vintage linen for her apron.
I hand stitched a hangtag with "Mother is Love".

This is a spring or Easter Annie.
Her bunny is my own design and I made a little tulip pin that he is holding.
Her dress fabric is fabulous with bunnies holding tulips~added an apron with cotton cluny lace trim.
Please visit my Ebay to see their full descriptions.
Tulip Bunny will be up on Ebay next week.
Thanks for visiting and remember to let me know your thoughts about Facebook or this blog.
God bless ~ wishing all a wonderful week ahead.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Celebrating a Birthday

Today we will be celebrating our daughter's 30th birthday.
She and her son, Dominic, are an answer to prayer.
They are a blessing from God. I thank you Lord for both.

Two new Annies were finished this weekend.
I fell in love with this fabric a few years ago and made two previous Annies with it. Unfortunately I have no more. She will be up on Ebay next week.
Here is a little Irish girl ~ I made her to celebrate my beautiful Irish daughter's birthday!
She will be going up on Ebay this week.
Wishing all a happy and peaceful week.
Thanks for visiting.
God bless.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Even more snow and ice!!!! (bunny pattern)

Well I had another 2 days off from work this week because of ice and snow. I am tired of the ice and snow but thrilled to be home and sew.

With extra time I designed a jointed bunny to go with Easter Annie.
Here is the link for the pattern.
Also started to design a new 10 inch Annie, she is stuffed, ready to be stained and and have her face stitched and painted....but I can't decide how to dress her...I'm thinking more primitive but not sure....any ideas out there?

Paisley Annie comes with her 4 inch jointed matching bunny....gave her long pig tails just to try something different.

Well the groundhog predicted spring in two weeks....we will see. LOL

I might be Pennsylvania Dutch but for some reason I can't believe that groundhog!

Thanks for visiting....wishing all a wonderful week ahead.

God bless.