Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mascara Boy

Just had to post this pic of my grandson.
He watches his mommy way too much and tried on her mascara. LOL
They are coming for dinner today and I can't wait to hug and kiss him!
This little Annie was a special order,
but I do love her long pig tails...
will have to make an Annie for Ebay with those pig tails!
I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby.
I don't get there often because it is not near my home, but I do love that store!
Cherish has a new wool I just found for her hair.
It is a wool roving found at Joann's.
She is wearing a little teddy bear pin.
Just had a wonderful weekend ~
My husband has the weekend off ~
Friday night had fun with friends ~
Saturday loved sewing Annies ~
today dinner with family.
God is so good.
Wishing all a blessed week.
God bless.


  1. Ola carolina! seu neto é lindo!
    Estas annies estão lindas,depois que você me mandou o molde das bonecas, fiz uma, mas tive alguns erros, mas estou aperfeiçoando.você pinta os olhinhos? eu pintei mas não ficou bom.Beijos, e que Deus abençõe vocês.

  2. Your dolls are beautiful as always. Love the fabric you use.

  3. Hi..priceless photo of your this one and bring it out when he is when he is dating. As always, love all your dolls.I also love Hobby Lobby...I am 45 miles from it and also 45 minutes from Jo Ann Fabrics...price we pay for living in the country...I will take where we live and drive to the fabric store.

  4. Love em' love em'! Just beautiful Annies!