Saturday, February 19, 2011

To Blog or use Facebook???

I have a question for all my blogger friends out there.
I can't decide if I should continue to blog or to open a charmingsbycmh page on Facebook.
I would love to know your thoughts on this. Please let me know.
Now for my two new Annies....this little sweetheart if a Mother's Day Annie.
Her blue dress is gorgeous with some trim and a piece of vintage linen for her apron.
I hand stitched a hangtag with "Mother is Love".

This is a spring or Easter Annie.
Her bunny is my own design and I made a little tulip pin that he is holding.
Her dress fabric is fabulous with bunnies holding tulips~added an apron with cotton cluny lace trim.
Please visit my Ebay to see their full descriptions.
Tulip Bunny will be up on Ebay next week.
Thanks for visiting and remember to let me know your thoughts about Facebook or this blog.
God bless ~ wishing all a wonderful week ahead.


  1. Пожалуйста, продолжайте этот блог, чтобы мы могли видеть ваших Энни.

  2. Adoro este blog!por favor continue com ele,amo as annies.bjs,Sandraveia
    Porto Algre- Brasil.

  3. Keep your blog.....I find the Facebook feed that I get from those that I do link to a bit annoying in the way that it comes up. Plus it's not as visually appealing. On your blog your wallpaper etc matches what you a making if that makes any sense. Provides an ambiance for your dolls:)

  4. I would do both. I have a blog and facebook. The more exposure the better your sells. But no matter what you do it seems to work cause your dolls sell so well. Love your hats! I am going to work on making my own pattern for hats for my 10 inch dolls.

  5. I had a problem with my computer a while back and one of the places I was told to stay away from was facebook! I had one of the "geek squad" here and he told me which sites to stay away from. I would keep this BLOG.


  6. You can do both! Have your blog linked to your Facebook account so whatever you post on your blog automatically shows up on your Facebook page. Save's on having to post twice or deciding to keep one or the other. Love to see you on Facebook but I also like coming to see you here too. I hope this helps! :)

  7. I would say for business exposure do both. If it's a choice between the two I pick blogging, just because I enjoy reading them, and I don't always see everything on Facebook with so much going on over there. But I also enjoy silly things like seeing an artists pets, wips and such that get posted more often on FB.

  8. Love your new Annies, from a business point of veiw, I agree then do both if your looking for more exposure for your dolls. But,I hope you decide to stay blogging. I personally hate facebook. I feel blogland is so much better!

  9. Thank you all for your wonderful comments...I will keep this blog going. Since I work full time and make Annies because I just love to create them, I will wait to do Facebook....don't really have the time to make more....maybe when I can retire, I will have time for patterns and more Annies...dreaming of retirement! Thanks again. God bless.

  10. i love your blog but if you decide to open a fb pace let us know!!!!
    i want to follow you again
    La FEde =^.^=

  11. I love your blog, please keep it up , such pretty dolls, Im a facebook fan and dont have a blog, but to chose between the two? Id pick a blog for sure! Your blog is on my favorites list, please dont stop.

  12. Hi sweet Carolyn,
    If your wanting more exposure I would do both. Both are linked to each other so should be easy enough to do. I prefer your Blog to Facebook... All is time consuming but if your looking for more exposure go for it! Love and Hugs! Mad