Sunday, May 26, 2013

God Bless America ~ Memorial Day

  a special thank you to all veterans this 
Memorial Day weekend
people seem to be leaving their blogs for Facebook
just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on this

I wasn't going to stitch God Bless America on
 Annie's hang tag
afraid it might affect her sale on Ebay
but I am glad I changed my mind
 we all really do need to pray for
God's blessing on America and the world
so this little raggedy is
 "God Bless America" Annie!

Summer Blessings Annie
 comes with her own 4 inch doll
and her gown was made from a piece of
Annie's vintage apron
thanks for visiting again
be safe and God bless

Monday, May 20, 2013

Ladybug Hugs

important things first!
happy 4th birthday to my first grandchild 
and only grandson, Dominic
now on to my lastest Annie
it still amazes me how my Annies develop
my husband likes to buy me minature rose bushes 
in these adorable little planters 
so I finally decided to start using them 
as pin cushions 
a dear friend sent me this little ladybug bear 
(thank you Madelyn)
found the perfect fabric in my too huge stash of quilting fabric
and here she is "Ladybug Hugs" Annie
wishing all an amazing week
enjoy the upcoming Memorial Day weekend
and please stay safe.
God bless

Monday, May 13, 2013

Raggedy Annie Angel

first off
I hope every mother had a wonderful Mother's Day
I am thanking God for the family he has given me
my wonderful husband and daughter
both work in the health care field and had to work
yesterday but that gave me the entire day
 in my factory making Annies!
I love adding trims to Annie's dresses
Butterfly Annie has a lovely eyelet trim I just bought

Raggedy Annie Angel came about 
because I had an 11 inch naked Annie 
in my factory for the past 3 months
just waiting to be special :)
thanks for visiting
enjoy your week being thankful in all things
God bless!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cherish Annie ~ Butterfly dress

this week's Annie is Cherish
I like to try different dress styles so
for this Annie I sewed her dress skirt in three pieces
 main skirt ~ cotton lace trim ~ bottom piece
making the lace trim see through
thank you all for visiting again
wishing all an amazing week
God bless!