Sunday, May 26, 2013

God Bless America ~ Memorial Day

  a special thank you to all veterans this 
Memorial Day weekend
people seem to be leaving their blogs for Facebook
just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on this

I wasn't going to stitch God Bless America on
 Annie's hang tag
afraid it might affect her sale on Ebay
but I am glad I changed my mind
 we all really do need to pray for
God's blessing on America and the world
so this little raggedy is
 "God Bless America" Annie!

Summer Blessings Annie
 comes with her own 4 inch doll
and her gown was made from a piece of
Annie's vintage apron
thanks for visiting again
be safe and God bless


  1. Hi, Carolyn, "God Bless America" Annie and Summer Blessings Annie are adorable.

  2. Piękne te lale!!! Jak to uszyć? Jak namalować takie piękne buzie?

  3. Thank you for you wonderful comments...God bless/

  4. Hi Carolyn very cute your dolls, I remove your blog to my blog of clothdolls.