Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer "Welcome Friends" Annie

I have to show to off my soon to be
one year old grand daughter
"Camila Nicole"
isn't she a cutie ~ love her!
next week's Annie is Summer "Welcome Friends"
I seem to be on a pin cushion theme
most of my Annies have pin cushions lately
thanking God for being able to make
and sell these little rag dolls
I just love creating them
thank you again for visiting
have a blessed and happy week
God bless!


  1. I like so much your dolls!
    Your granddaughter is wonderful!

  2. Hi there! You really are a fulfilled grammy having a wonderful and lovely granddaughter and grandson. Plus, you truly are gifted! Your works are really fantastic! I love your dolls coz’ they look so friendly and happy. I bet your dolls reflect what kinds of person you are. One that is contented and bubbly. Have a nice day!

    Kam Parker-PhD in Education