Sunday, February 13, 2011

Celebrating a Birthday

Today we will be celebrating our daughter's 30th birthday.
She and her son, Dominic, are an answer to prayer.
They are a blessing from God. I thank you Lord for both.

Two new Annies were finished this weekend.
I fell in love with this fabric a few years ago and made two previous Annies with it. Unfortunately I have no more. She will be up on Ebay next week.
Here is a little Irish girl ~ I made her to celebrate my beautiful Irish daughter's birthday!
She will be going up on Ebay this week.
Wishing all a happy and peaceful week.
Thanks for visiting.
God bless.


  1. поздравляю вашу дочь с днем рождения,побольше радостей.
    куклы замечательные.

  2. Мои поздравления дочери! Желаю счастья и благополучия! Доминик – замечательный мальчик! И дочка – красавица! Всем вам желаю удачи и хорошей недели!

  3. Yes, you are blessed to have your beautiful daughter and precious grandson. Happy birthday to her.
    I love the hats you put on your dolls. Do you sew those or do you buy them? Sooo cute!


  4. Thank you all....I do sew the hats to match Annie's outfit. Thanks and God bless.

  5. Querida amiga quero agradecer por ter me enviado os moldes da annie, lembra? Sua filha e seu netinho são lindos,que Deus os abençõe.Beijos,com carinho Sandraveia

  6. qué bonitas muñecas!! me encantan!! enhorabuena por tu trabajo!
    un besito

  7. Many wishes for your daughter!
    I'd like to ask you something.
    Can you give a site where you can buy American fabric?
    I bought on and, but I would have liked to try other sites.
    Could you give me information?
    Thanks, a kiss.
    My lucky.

  8. My Lucky,
    Some sites that I buy fabric from:, and
    God bless. Carolyn

  9. Thank you!
    I'm going to see!
    Hugs, My lucky.

  10. Поздравляю Надин с днем рождения.
    Каролин, куклы очень красивые, добрые и нежные, любуюсь ими. Спасибо.