Monday, June 18, 2012

Summery Annies

I love this style dress for the summer
the dress border is pleated
her little bear was adapted from a Gingermelon pattern
her hang tag says "Hugs"

Smell the roses Annie
also comes with a little bear
but it is not hand made
I did add the rose and ribbon around his neck though :/

not sure when they will be up on Ebay
I've been trying to make extra Annies
for when my daughter and her family move in with us for a few weeks
I am pretty sure with my 3 year old grandson
and a new granddaughter
I will not be sewing much!

Thanks for visiting
God bless


  1. Yeah...but who cares about sewing when the grandkids are around's to lots of hugs and kisses...have a great time...Jan

  2. Bellissime complimenti! Ciao Monica.

  3. Esta muy linda la muñeca con ese vestido.PAZ Y AMOR