Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Christmas Annies

I had a busy weekend with a family reunion on Saturday
it was a wonderful time spent with family
I don't get to see often and
Sunday was spent with cousins walking for pancreatic cancer
the day was spent in memory of my cousin Charlie
it was both a happy and sad day

two new Christmas Annies are ready for Ebay

Annie with Rudolph on a stick with rusty bells, garland and a red nose
O' Holy Night
this Annie comes with her own little 5 inch raggedy angel ~
angel's dress is from a vintage hankie
thank you for visiting
enjoy the week ~ be thankful in everything :)
God bless


  1. Beautiful. Love the ones with the reindeer.

  2. estan preciosas...tienes un gran estilo para realizar estas muñecas...estar con la familia es lo mejor...Dios te bendiga y a tu familia tambien...***patylabores*** desde México...

  3. cuanto color!!! y el bebecito es precioso

  4. ¡que belleza tus Annies!!!, muy bonitas,la verdad no me gustaban las Annies,mas que todo los ojos, pero las tuyas me hicieron cambiar de opinion Felicitaciones!!!

  5. I love your Annie dolls! I'm off to look at Ebay! I don't buy there...but I can look! ♥♥♥