Monday, September 19, 2011

Teddy Bears and Annie

This week both Annies have teddy bears and blue eyes ~

Joy Bear is a 2004 TY bear ~ I gave him a red felt vest and hat
Annie's dress has a pretty teddy bear border
Please Santa No Coal Annie
comes with her matching bear ~
she wears a pinafore and white eyelet dress
Hope to finish two Annies for next week ~
but I have to work late one evening this week
I am counting down to retirement even though
it is hopefully 19 months away ~
then I can play in my factory all day!
Have a blessed week everyone ~ God bless


  1. Doll and bear are very, very beautiful!!!

  2. Hi Carolyn!

    I know how you feel. I'm counting down to retirement too. I have 15 mos before I will be able to enjoy my doll factory. Your two dolls are beautiful as always.

  3. Your dolls are beautiful! They have very expressive eyes!

  4. The Annies is so cute. I love that they come with a matching teddy bears! I will have to get one for my sister. She would love this!