Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm in the Garden

Here is a little tip for my sewing friends. My friend bought me a bamboo stiletto to keep fabric from shifting when sewing ends of seams. It also helps to hold ric-rac and ribbon in place when stitching along hems. Well it doesn't take long before the bamboo is splintered from the sewing needle. In place of the bamboo stiletto I tried wooden skewers, about 100 a pack for the fraction of the cost. They do splinter faster but I just throw it away and grab another.
I am still using the pack I bought last summer!

Just finished I'm in the Garden Annie. She wears a sun bonnet and comes with a basket to gather her herbs.
Strawberry Annie has strawberry buttons on her hat, at her waist and on her shoes....she comes with a large strawberry too....oh my!
The rocking horse is my grandson's but I think it is wonderful for my Annies too. :)

Thanks for visiting, wishing all wonderful, peaceful week ahead.
God bless.


  1. Strawberry Annie is absolutely wonderful. Love the strawberry print and buttons. Perfect for Spring...........Carolyn, you just keep getting better and better with your ideas and your creativity......... YOU make us all want to try harder.. Love ya HUGS M

  2. Чудесные, веселые, летние куклы!!!!

  3. Carolyn!Your dolls are kind and charming! Garden Annie and Strawberry Annie are very beautiful!!!! I like really it!

  4. A annie com sua roupa de morangos está um encanto!!!Eu amo estas bonecas! beijos, Sandraveia

  5. i love garden annie....
    FEDerica =^.^=

  6. I LOVE HER!!! I want a Strawberry Annie for Laurel, our strawberry. I call her my little strawberry because of her red hair!

  7. I look at your dolls... and I never can say the sensation I have! You are magic.