Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Annie

Here is Prairie Annie. She will be up on Ebay later today. Her braids are from yarn my cousin (the one holding the alligator on a previous post) hand spun and dyed. I was so excited when my sister-in-law gave me the white linen. I knew it would be perfect as an underskirt on one of my Annies. Hope you all enjoy her.


  1. Hello Carolyn, your new prairie Annie is just a delight. Now tell me where are you listed on ebay? Perhaps if you can supply a link to your blog that would make it easier for those to find you... If ever I can be of assistance to you, just write me, madamesamm@cogeco.ca
    You have wonderful Annies, I think more people need to see you...blessings...and please keep creating...you are joy...as your dolls are..

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  3. qué bonita...me encanta!! un besito y feliz año nuevo!!

    how pretty! it enchants to me! (^, ^)
    kiss and happy new year!

  4. Es una muñeca preciosa !!!!!! me gustan mucho las de Annie