Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snowed In

Bethlehem received 20 inches of snow on to stay home and finish two Annies... yeah :-)

I just love how Annie and Cluck Cluck turned out.


  1. Annie and Cluck Cluck are adorable. I live in South GA (75 miles north of Florida line) and we had over an inch of snow yesterday. It's quite a treat for us - the last time it snowed here was 10 years ago and it was melting almost as soon as it hit the ground. My granddaughter, from Tallahassee, FL, was here for a visit today and there was enough to make her first snowball.

  2. Tus Annie son realmente dulces la exprecion }que le das en la mirada me gusta mucho ,te dejo mi cariño y admiracion .Patricia Marcela desde San Juan Argentina