Tuesday, April 27, 2010


One of my new Annies is Blessings! Seems to be a perfect time to put her up on Ebay! A cousin just gave a kidney to his dad today. We just found out both surgeries were a success. God is so good!

Another Annie I have been working on and is now on Ebay is In The Garden.
Wishing all a very blessed day! So much to be thankful for!!!


  1. I agree, so much to be thankful for! Your blessings doll is adorable.

  2. I not only love your dolls but the dresses you sew for them is absolutely fabulous...I could definitely wear them. :)

  3. I really enjoy viewing your dolls - you do such a fantistic job -quality work! Love the hat!!

  4. Thank you so much....I love making Annies. Can't wait until the weekends to sew!

  5. Qué hermoso trabajo!!!
    Un gusto en conocerte Carolyn!!
    Un abrazo desde Tandil, Argentina