Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Goldilocks Annie

At least once a year I have this need to try something different

Goldilocks is my new doll design 
she is 12 inches long but very petite
her head is round ~ about the size of a golf ball
she has a long thin body ~ long legs
also she has wired arms to hold her little bear

just needed to try something different
Hope you all enjoy!
Thanks for visiting & God bless


  1. She is very pretty! I love storybook characters! Your dolls are always beautiful and have such sweet clothing!

  2. Yes, this doll is different from the other! But such a sweet and nice! Like freckles! Nice Lady!!

  3. Ваши куклы прекрасны! Эта необычна, но она тоже хороша!

  4. Diferente e muito graciosa! parabéns!

  5. oi amiga feliz dia das mãeis beijosssssssss

  6. Just a darling new doll. Love her outfit . You just keep getting better thoughts and designs Carolyn. Wish you great success with her. Love and HUGS1 Mad