Monday, July 30, 2012

Creepers Peepers

I am not a Halloween fan ~
only enjoy it for the children dressing up and getting candy
but when I saw this creepers peepers fabric with owls
just had to make an Annie 
stitched an owl on a little bag similar to 
one of the owls on Annie's dress 
then added some "sweet annie"

a new love is primitive stitchery
Autumn Blessings is one of my new Annies
with a hand stitched apron

My family and I are going on vacation to the Jersey shore
 leaving Saturday for a week
I know, they were just living with us for over 2 weeks
but you have to love spending even more time with your loved ones
especially a 3 year old who doesn't stop talking
and 1 month old
can't wait to see Dom on the beach
and can't wait to spoil little Camila, rocking her!
there will no new posts for awhile
so thank you for visiting
hope to be back by mid August
God bless!


  1. Hola amiga
    Como todoas tus muñecas esta me encanta!!!!!! y soy feliz de poder disfrutar de ellas al verlas. Por oro lado deseo quepases unas felices vacasiones con tu familia
    Estaremos aqui ersperabndote pues seguro vienes cargada de nuevas ideas !!!!!!!!!

  2. Boas férias querida! Curta bastante seus entes queridos e quando voltar estaremos esperando.As novas Annies estão lindas!Que Deus abençõe vocês!

  3. molto belle.....
    buone vacanze...

  4. Hi Carolyn - I just discovered your blog! I was doing research on my fabric, "Creepers Peepers" and much to my surprise (& delight) I landed here on charmingsbycmh. Not only am I crazy about your 'Annie' doll (& what you created with my fabric, but then read your dedication to your mom in the about and was touched and surprised.

    I too am a Christian, a wife of the LOML for 40 yrs, and enjoy being a gram to my baby's babies. My mom too, went home to be with the Lord Feb. 23, 2011 and her name, . . . Anna also and fondly referred to as Annie.


  5. Vos poupées sont magnifiques , je ne peux qu' être en admiration pour votre travail
    le bonjour d' une passionnée de poupée de France