Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Wishing everyone a safe, happy holiday weekend 
I have finally opened a shop on Etsy ~
been asked by customers to set a price
so Etsy seemed right at this time
always loved the auction part of Ebay
never knowing what your Annie would sell for but....
times change
I will still try to have an Annie listed on both
"try" is the right word because
today I start watching my two beautiful grandchildren
every other weekend while there mama is at work
exhaustion yet joy here I come!
one of my Annies finished this week is a custom order
she is similar to a previous Annie only a few inches longer
hope she likes her?!

Count Your Blessings
her apron was made from an old linen napkin
hand stitched "Count Your Blessings" and a basket 
added a tuck with cluny lace trim on her dress 
thinking of putting her up on Ebay this weekend :/

Thanks for visiting
hope to be back next week

God bless!


  1. Both of them are so cute. Love the custom order. I am very partial to Americana Raggedy Ann's. Thank you for sharing!