Sunday, December 23, 2012

New Raggedy Annie

just finished a new Annie
and she is in the style of a traditional Raggedy Ann
she has actually been dressed for weeks
just needed some hair!
I hand stitched a little Annie and her name on her apron
she will be up on Ebay tonight including the
Raggedy Ann book behind her

Wishing everyone a very blessed Merry Christmas
God bless


  1. --------- ♥

    ---------- **

    --------- *o*

    -------- *♥*o*

    ------- ***o***

    ------ *o**♥*o*

    ----- **♥**o**o**

    ---- *o**♥***♥*o*

    --- ****♥**o**o****




    ----_____!_!_____E' bello quando arriva il Natale ci si ritrova a ripensare a tutti coloro che rendono la nostra vita migliore. Per questo voglio augurarti un Natale super speciale.