Monday, June 2, 2014

a season and a time . . .

Ecclesiastes 3:1 Annie
 I just had to make an Annie
I fell in love with this fabric!
love the colors and time piece
 her underskirt is a vintage hand crocheted doily
her full head of hair is wool 
and hand stitched
for Annie's heart ornie
I hand stitched a part of Ecclesiastes 3:1 
 added crochet cotton trim and then
hand crocheted the additional pink trim
Annie eyes are hand painted 
and her face is hand stitched
 she will available here until June 6
then she will be listed on Ebay June 8
Annie is $65 plus $6 shipping in the US and Canada
for international postage please email me
if interested just click the 
Paypal Buy Now button
on the upper right
these two Annies were custom made
for a friend's nieces
hoping they love them
thank you for visiting again
wishing all a wonderful week
God bless!


  1. Her eyes, like the eyes of your dolls are so expressive and they seems so real. I'm sure those two Annies are going to be loved by their little mums.

  2. Dolls are charming, simply beautiful.

  3. This little girl is so pretty, and i' m sure your friend love your nice dolls.God bless hugs