Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"Sweet" Annie Jointed Rag Doll

Sweet Annie is 16 inches
she has button jointed elbows~shoulders~hips~knees and wired hands
 she wears a white eyelet dress and a "sweet" pinafore
 her eyes are hand painted
her face is hand stitched and
she has a full head of red wool hair
she will be on Ebay Sunday evening
 loving retirement!
 just finished two custom orders
one is a jointed Annie with angel
 and the other only 11 inch sunflower Annie
thank you all for visiting
wishing you all a blessed week
God loves YOU!
God bless my friends :)


  1. wow Carolyn your dolls are so wonderful ,i love all of them,her nice dress and her nice faces very nice work God bless

  2. Could you do a video tutorial on painting your faces? Maybe on You Tube? Thank you so much. I love your little dolls. I make dolls too but have always embroidered the faces..I would like to try my hand at painting them.