Monday, October 20, 2014

Annie Angel

went through my stash of vintage linen
and dressed this little angel
her dress, wings, and heart ornie
were all made from linens given to me
her dress is from napkins 
her heart ornament and wings were 
made from Battenberg lace doilies
even her hair is from Paternayan rug yarn
that is no longer made
didn't have enough for one doll so
I used too different shades of wool
  I cut the trim off from the napkins
to add to her sleeves and loons
she is now a pattern in my Etsy shop
the original doll has been sold
thanks for visiting
God bless


  1. lovely doll, your very talented as i see...all Gods gifts..blessings to you too friend ❤

  2. very beautiful your dolls

    Maria del Carmen