Wednesday, January 7, 2015

First Annie and Andy for 2015

after two months with shingles
I am finally feeling like my old self
and back to sewing in my "factory"
ready for sale are
Valentine Annie ♥ Andy

they are 18" rag dolls with coffee stained bodies
hand painted eyes ~ stitched faces
full heads of wool hand stitched hair

 Annie ♥ Andy
 they are available from my Etsy Shop

my bucket list has pattern making on it
so I have started work on a pattern 
for these two rag dolls
not sure when it will be ready for sale
but it has been started   :) 
Praising the Lord in this new year
for all His blessings.
thanks for visiting
God bless


  1. Lovely dolls! great that you post again...blessings

  2. Hi i'm happy to see your dolls again, they are so beautiful together God bless

  3. wanting pattern if selling for craft stall in australia

  4. Is this pattern for these going to be 16 inches.?

  5. Are the patterns for this dolls sell, I would like to have them.