Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cherish Annie ~ Annie's Clown ~ Annie Blue

Three new Annies ready to go up on Ebay this week....been trying to put three up a week. We are going on vacation to the Jersey shore with our grandson....grammy and pops need some funds to spend on him. A whole week to play with Dominic, yeah!

Please meet, Cherish Annie, who has ivory ribbon rose buds with pearls around her waist. Roses are my favorite flower and I fell in love with this fabric.

Next is Annie's Clown and then Annie Blue.

Hope you enjoy them. God bless.


  1. Precious as always. You are incrediable as you amaze me as what you create next........So adorable!!! Love and HUGS! Madelyn

  2. GORGEOUS LITTLE GIRLS... The best Annies I saw ever... and the best artist! :)

  3. Thrilled you love them. You opinions mean a lot. Thanks. God bless.

  4. great work! I love your faces!