Monday, June 14, 2010

Down at the Shore!

Five more days and I will be on vacation with my family down at the Jersey shore. Pops and I get to play with Dominic, our grandson, all week long....don't remember being this excited in a longggggg time!

I will be listing two Annies later this week on Ebay.....Monkey Face and Blue Bear.

Also finished is If I Was a Bird. She will be listed on Ebay the following week but thought I would pop her up here for you to see.

Here they are, hope you enjoy. Thank you all for your wonderful comments, they are inspiring. God bless!


  1. They are delisious!!! Their little dresses are to die for... I wish they could fit me! :D

  2. Hello!I'm sorry I couldn't tell you before that I have an award for you in my blog. I admire your dolls,they are really beautiful, that is why I decided to give you that present.Please, go to my blog and take it. If you have any problem to find it, please let me know it.Thank you.

  3. Absolutely georgous Carolyn!!! Like I keep telling you - you just get better and better with your creative talentd hands!!! Dresses are truly beautiful and someone lucky will be so thrilled to have one. You have a wonderful trip to the Sea as I will be thinking of you everyday......... Love ya and HUGS! Madelyn

  4. Your dolls are just amazing! From the tops of their heads down to their beautiful ourfits, just beautiful!

    Xoxoxxx Ree