Monday, July 11, 2011

Little Hoot Annie

Lately it seems all I want to do is sew and create new Annies.

All my Annies are finished in steps ~ first bodies sewed, stuffed, stained, eyes painted and faces stitched.
Then they sit in my "factory" waiting to get dressed.
So two were finally dressed and given hair this weekend.

Little Hoot who comes with a pin cushion.
He was made from a cutter quilt.
Angels Watching Over Me
Her charm is an angel charm engraved with "Angels Watching Over Me" ~
I gave her a little white bear dressed similar ~
and a little heart pillow with "love" written with buttons.
This little Annie is a little darker than usual
(I must put an extra scoop of coffee in when mixing her stain, oops!)
Thanks for visiting this week.
Wishing all a wonderful week and God bless.


  1. Very cute!I just started getting into doll making and that's all I want to do lately too! LOL

  2. love them both!
    They are sweet....
    Greetings, Diny

  3. Absolutely cute!! I hope we can make Matryoshka dolls by this concept... The hair looks so amazing beautiful and it gives the face innocent look ...Vikas -