Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Too Too Hot!!!

This week will be extremely hot in my little town of Bethlehem, Pa.
Glad I am working on autumn Annies.
At least I can dream of cooler weather sewing fall color dresses for Annie.

Ready for Ebay on Friday or Sunday (I haven't decided yet)
is Sunflower Smile with her hugh sunflower
made from an olde cutter quilt and coffee stained.
Thanks for visiting ~ stay cool!
God bless.


  1. Очень красивая куколка!!!!
    Такая живая, светлая!!!
    Браво мастеру!!!

  2. Always marvellous, this Annie is sweet as all your dolls.
    I don't like Autumn... I really prefer Summer ... but this year we have not a good Summer.... it seems Autumn... no warm, we have "long t-shirt" .....perhaps we can change... :) sorry for my english...