Monday, October 28, 2013

Winter Theme "Believe" Annie

trying a different yarn
for my Annie's hair
Burly Spun by Brown Sheep Yarn
is a straight spun wool
I loved Paternayan rug yarn
it was so soft and gave Annie curly hair
unfortunately it is no longer made
Halcyon rug yarn is very close in color
to Paternayan but it is coarser
and Annie's hair is harder to control
now Annie will have either
curly or straight hair
the decision will be made
after she is all dressed and we see
which she looks best it!
thank you again and again for visiting
God bless


  1. Verdaderamente te ha quedado un bellezón y el pelo me gusta como queda.

  2. Your dolls are always beautiful. i love her new hear and her dress is so nice. big hugs