Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Electricity and HEAT!!

Saturday we had a early snow storm ~
it brought over a foot of snow and loss of power to thousands ~
we were without power for over 56 hours ~
also lost 1/3 of a beautiful 50 year old magnolia tree
~ part of a cherry and linden tree too ~
God was pruning our trees for us ~
I am thanking Him for electricity especially heat!
the worst part was being so cold
~ too cold to even sew by hand ~
wrapped myself in 3 blankets and wore mittens to read by candle light ~
the university where I work is still without power
so another praise to God ~ I can now stay home and sew
Thank you Lord!
Lesson learned this week
be thankful in all things ~ especially things taken for granted
God bless ~ thanks for visiting and keep warm!


  1. So happy you are okay now! It must have been a bit scary with the trees down. Take care and keep warm. Don't forget our giveaway this week! Love you

  2. Que bom que vocês estão bem. Deus podou as arvores mas com certeza vai mandar brotos novos.Fique com Deus.Um abraço

  3. Hola Carolyn, tus muñecas son muy lindas

  4. Carolyn...es realmente bella...me encantan tus muñecas...Dios te bendiga...con cariño ***patylabores***

  5. Bellissima carolyn come tutte le altre naturalmente....auguri per un felice 2012