Friday, January 3, 2014

First Annie for 2014

my first Annie for 2014 will be
up on Ebay Sunday evening
Annie's apron and heart ornie
were made from pieces of
vintage hand painted fabric
given to me by a dear friend
my factory is filled with lots of fabric 
and doilies and trims etc.
and these special pieces were just 
waiting for the right Annie
hope you enjoy her
going to start the new year 
a little different on Ebay 
my listings with still be auctions 
but with the option to buy it now
not sure how many Annies
I will be able to create this year
we have a new member in our family
Rufus our chocolate lab puppy ♥
wishing all a happy blessed new year
God Bless    ♥


  1. Bellissima la tua nuova Annie, e molto bello il tuo cucciolo di labrador marrone| Son cani molto affettuosi, specialmente con i bambini. Buon Anno.

  2. Wszystkiego najlepszego w Nowym Roku :)
    Twoje lalki są prześliczne. Ile razy tu zaglądam , tyle razy jestem zachwycona :) Ta Twoja pierwsza Annie w tym roku to prawdziwe cudo :)